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Handles for doors, furniture and windows

Perfection comes from a work of the highest quality. From the creativity of our designers. From the valuable advice of people who have desires and want solutions. JATEC starts from these premises to go further: because perfection is also to understand the style, the essence of a project. And to create collections in which all elements handles for doors, furniture and windows , are part of a coordinated and harmonious design.

We call it "coordinated design." A new way of design.


Designers - Awards and international brands for handles designed by Matteo
Thun, Artefakt and Arjan Moors.

Jatec Designer

Lines - A further degree of customization. Because it is impossible to summarize in
a single essence the right style.

finishings handles

The attention for design also goes through the small details.
JATEC, always sensible for the latest trends in design and style, has launched the new line of rosettes and key roses Minimal Line....
Wooden handle of class
The line of BAUHAUS JATEC expands with new wooden lever Ebony and Wenge: the leading brand in the international market of luxury handles...
A new antibacterial finish that protects you and the environment
The JATEC handles, a leading brand of style, become ANTIGERMTM thanks to the new treatment of silver ion with antimicrobial...